Thursday, January 28, 2010

List of To Not Do's

Do not:

-Forget to take out earrings when wearing uniform.

-Put a pbj in your backpack for any longer than 1 hour. You won't recognize it if it is there any longer than that. I blame the immunology textbook....

- Wear non-waterproof non-boot type shoes to a cow dairy.

-Set facebook mobile to send updates to your cell phone at all hours of the day. And night. Some people are online at 3 am. Seriously.

-Work at a zoo if you do not like poop. I have seen many types of poop. Camel, pig, chicken, bunny, monitor lizard, turtle, reindeer. And it is only week 3....

-Expect to get away not knowing that complement is in the order C1q, C1r, C1s, C4a and b, C2a and b, C3a and b, C5 a and 6, C6, C7, C8, C9 with C3a and C5a being powerful anaphylotoxins, C3b being a opsinization inducer, and CD59 preventing this on human cells. Yes, it all means something. I think.....

-Expect to get away with going to sleep at 8:30 pm on a regular basis without being razzed. To a great extent.


  1. Ditto, to number six. I think about that constantly; wake up at night wondering; roll it over in my head all day.... ;-)

  2. Bwa ha ha....Complement nightmares. Sounds about right. ;)