Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Part wife, part superwoman...

So, I wanted to publically post that my beautiful, darling wife is an absolute super hero. Seriously. You can't imagine the stuff she has been through, and is going through, and yet she is still pushing as hard as she ever has. Oh, this is Luke posting, by the way =) I mean, it is beyond imagination how strong she is. She even knows how to post pictures of her in our pj's on blogger, how does one even do that? *wink wink*

Only about two days left on the island before I get on ship and sail off this island. I am pretty upset about how I have to go, but it is only for a little less then two months, we are due to come back around the end of March. Everything looks cool here, but most of it lacks it colour without the love of my life by my side. Only slightly more then 5 months left, and then I am throwing up the deuces to this place. Shortly after that, deuces to the marine corps, and hello spending the rest of my life waking up to the most beautiful woman on the face of this planet =)



  1. Keep your eyes and ears open, Luke. That's what the Lord gave me this morning. I believe He has some things for you during this deployment that will strengthen you and be a blessing to your marriage. Yep, keep your eyes and ears open. You are there for His reason.

    Danika is just a sweetie and is very strong trusting in Him. And she did look awfully cute in her superhero pj's last night.

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  3. this is just the sweetest post. what an awesome thing God is doing during the time of separation. appreciation is a wonderful thing.

    praying for you, luke!

    the mum-in-law :)